Spitfire Graveyard

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A website to allow customers to contact Spitfire Graveyard and show off their business and ever changing stock.

December 2017


Spitfire Graveyard needed a website to replace their old one which had become out of date. They asked for a website that would allow customers to find and contact them, showcasing their reputable, specialist business.

This guy was amazing and so helpful. He did everything we asked with a friendly service too! Would definitely recommend Matt. Good, honest expertise.

Claire and Dave Loversidge, Owners of Spitfire Graveyard

The Website

The website featured an easy to navigate design, neatly fitted onto a single web page which can be explored through scrolling or the links along the side. The website was fully mobile optimised, displaying the content across any device. Furthermore, the “Our Cars” section is editable meaning that their customers are up to date on their latest stock.

With links to their eBay store and maps so customers could find them in person, this website made sure potential customers could always buy their parts. The contact form has proved to be a great success with a regular stream of new customers using it to get in touch with the company.