Nyanja Cottage Malawi

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A website for Smickey Chiula to help people to find his holiday cottage in Cape Maclear, Malawi.


Smickey wanted to advertise his cottage to people beyond those on AirBnB; he wanted a website to showcase the stunningly tradition cottage he and his brother build for potential visitors.

Matt, just finished working on my cottage website project. He was fun to work with and he executed the project brilliantly

Smickey Chiula, Landlord of Nyanja Cottage

The Website

Taking inspiration from the natural Lake Malawi landscape, this website was build on the colour scheme; selecting a blue from the water and a yellow from the sand allows potential visitors to see how the culture forms an integral part of the ethos of the cottage. Being captivating on both mobile and desktop is essential to attract the most customers; by designing the website to be mobile first, it seamlessly transitions between display sizes.

The gallery page is probably the standout feature on this website. With a selection of all the photos Smickey could give me and a slideshow of the best, it is easy to see just how picturesque the cottage and its location are. In addition, the build in contact form allows people to email Smickey directly from the website and call Desmond in Malawi.

Optimising this website for search engines was an educational challenge for myself. The cottage has seen business from all around the world through AirBnB and thus the aim was for it to be seen internationally. Both in the code and through social media, we have made sure any potential customers can visit the site.

This project was one of the most interesting projects I have ever been lucky enough to have worked on; learning about the area and the cottage has given me experience in internationally focussed websites and designing them to appeal universally.