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Coach2Include needed a website to display the sports sessions they run for young people with disabilities and a place for people to find more information about them.


Coach2Include needed a website which has all the information about the specialist sessions they run. They were keen for somewhere to display news and explanations of the science behind the things they do in their sessions.

The Website

The website features a captivating landing page with modern colour scheme. The consistent colours across different aspects of their business tie into the flyers they have had printed allowing people to more clearly find what they are looking for.

In addition, the website was designed to be fully mobile and desktop friendly. The primary audience of the site being busy parents, they wanted the website to be as simple as possible to access wherever the user. The website blends seamlessly by using full width design and modern navigation menus; the website is at home on whatever device it is viewed.

One of the standout features of the website is the blog. Andrew Hibberd, one of the founders was really keen to be able to write about the science behind the sessions and updates on team events; the websites allows him and other coaches to manage these updates hassle-free.

With adequate photos to showcase the crucial work these guys do but still, the site is mindful of child protection and the design allows parents to see the care and professionalism of the coaches.